Monday, July 14, 2008

upgrading new blog... not block!!! sei kim..

tonight i skip my cls ivsc to attend toursim agm.. haha..first, tourism club is fun. second, still is fun... third.. still veli FUN. haha.. 2morrow ten o clock class.. but b4 sleep.. have to update blog first.. don knw y.. this academic year, go tioman bali, taman negara and sungkai. need collect money first ler.. no money go so many places. haha.. jus finish copying hell boy.. but don know when watch.. but finish watching the photo about testing game in cyber park.. haha..funny..have to start dl notes liau.. next next week exam signal.. now notes still don have.. hiak hiak hiak.. let upload some photo and video during testing games...uploading video damn slow!!!2morrow onli upload.. preparing game 1st.. glue newspaper.. preparing keypad 1st ... start to test game... heavy kim.. pity jia wen and xiang hue.. eric eric eric... oh ah bird... i will carry u bhind me no matter how far how hard how heavy how tired.. i lov uuuuu.. hahahahha.... LOL!!! oppss.. ugly a bit.. aiksss.. 70kg kim need two ppl hold.. hahahaha spin until lost balance.. pro ck spin fast!!! comfortable way chow enjoying there... leg pass bananaaaaa... wtf ... hahaha..


Yin Fung said...

yeeeer eric stare at kims!!!! wtf..

Tzeing oso use wtf adi.. yeah XD

Kim said...

wtf-ism. can add in moral subject.
duh!! 70KG = 2 Kim u know!i 35 only! :P

Kim said...


simple algebar...! :P

Click~... click~~~... clickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk~