Friday, November 28, 2008

part 2

after the two days, third days endau ppl prepare some games for us. the game quite fun bcoz we all playing together.
this is one part of the game..

mr yee kean...

my group...

beh beh and voon fei...

after thhose games, we prepare to leave endau... sit on the bus for whole day..
eat dinner at somewhere segamat.
commitee group photo for endau..

reach stat building around 10 sth also..
next trip is gua tempurung trip. gua tempurung is com trip. there is one bus and 38 com going onli. Gua tempurung is actually veli fun.. Same as usual, we gather at stat building, but this time is gather at morning. 5.30 am we gather and 6am we leave cyberjaya.
pic taken during inside the bus.

pity one me... i'm the person to hold the cam.. haha

this photo remind me an incident.. hahahaha..LOL.. i'm sori kerounne.. wahaha

when we reach the gua tempurung, i go check in with my assistant. we settle all the payment including entrance, toilet, and locker. after settle my money, den gather all the TC com, and we r ready to go in. we follow the tour guide of gua tempurung.
it is an veli adventure cave.
we crawling on the water under the cave.

group photo inside the cave. every photo inside de camera i think is group photo.. everyone was desperate to take photo.. haha.. chiong in to take pic..

thanks for participant for bringing the camera inside the cave. sacrified for pic.. thank you veli much!!!

this is our own tour guide.. jeff.. good job!!!

this one is fun. we must close our leg if not will lose sth? ... haha

crawling crawling.. got dry part and wet part..

wet part...

we thought we successfully come out from the cave but who know after this group photo, we got thousand of stair need to climb.. haha..

part 3 update next time.. still got a lot eh.. haha.. 3.43am ady.. need to prepare to sleep ler.. 2morrow still got three on three competition.. good luck for myself. jia you jia you.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

trip trip trip...

las sems toursim club act offer three trip. two com trip and one open trip. sungkai and gua tempurung trip is act commitee trip. endau rompin is open for everyone.
so i want to update about endau rompin and gua tempurung trip. sungkai one i haven got the pic.. hahah.. so update next time lor... let come endau one first...
we gather at stat early in the morning around 1 o 2 sth.. i forgot ady.. haha..
den we depart from cyberjaya. reach endau around 8 sth. we check in first den we start to do some stuff with endau in charge ppl. after tat we having our lunch and start our jungle trekknig.

david beh take pic with his frenss...during jungle trekking

after we have our lunch

take pic under a big tree during jungle trekking

during jungle trekking.. we were too happy to take pic together.. wahahaha...

the bridge was full of leeches.. everyone was busy looking on their leg.. shouted when saw leeches on legs... LEECHES!!!!

jansen kim and me... :)

group pic together at the waterfall...

look at ah you.. hahaha...

big ant!!!

the next day we have river crossing...

warming up first...

rvier crossing...

look at kok hau!!! veli mankkkk

is my turn to crossing...

long long trainnnn........

they r having their team building games...

part two update again next time eh.. too long.. haha.. still got gua tempurung one.. wahahah...

Monday, November 24, 2008

thanks god

i purposely post this ... many things is out of my control. all i can do is do wat i can.. try my best.. but result come out is not wat i expect.. confident one cannot pass.. not confident one pass.. wat can i do... jus cont my study...cont to live..
work harder for this sems.. i'm think open minded and postively this time... thanks god...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

ipoh ipoh ipoh..

recently my life veli connected to ipoh.. i'm organizing a trip to gua tempurung and ipoh one day trip... ipoh got many famous food.. one of the famous food is hor yee.
well, i want to eat hor yee. eric teach me to order. hor yee yat wun. i speak like japanese language.. horyee yatwun, horyee yatwun, horyee yatwun, HORYEE YATWUN, HORYEE YATWUN,HORYEE YATWUN, HORYEE YATWUN. bcoz of the hor yee yat wun, the penang kia pass by with us, thought we came from japan o mogonlia. we keep on shouting HORYEE YATWUN HORYEE YATWUN!!! hor yee.. i'm gonna come to eat u this sat.. hor yee yat wunnnn...

Monday, November 17, 2008


today tuesday. las night 1 am sleep. this morning wake up at nine o clock.. sleep too long... aiksss...
want preparing going to campus liau... nth to do.. simple and simply post a blog!!!
now is act 10.30am...

Saturday, November 15, 2008


long time no update blog lor... bcoz this two week i was busy... studying for supp..
keep on studying studying and studying until yesterday finally i finish it. lucky i was still alive. so stress.. stress and stress and almost want jump down from my apartment ady. but i successfully pass the two weeks. cannot study las minutes ady.
the penang and ipoh trip update half half de. now cont it. update until we visit the temple.

back there got background also.
den after tat, we go fetech jj and pei se come from kl. den go eat dinner. den tat night went to penang meet yeekean. we stay at bukit mertajam. eat a lot at penang but took veli less photo.... haha..

penang mia seven eleven got shut down one..

pei se washing plates...

Monday, November 3, 2008

penang and ipoh trip...

28-10, tuesday me and kerounne went to ipoh. eric come fetch us. jansen come from sitiawan to ipoh. bcoz me and kerounne reach ipoh early, and jansen reach late a bit. so eric decide to let me and keroune wait at bus station until jansen reach onli he come fetch we all. wat a good fren. si beh nice de fren. hahaha... so me and kerounne wait around half an hour at bus station like sohai and get cheated. call eric, he says on the way now. want reach ady ... wait a while. he ask us sit at the chair first. sit until half an hour like tat.... lol. den we go eat hor fun after eric fetching us and jansen. hor hii yup woon. den eric bring me go do some research lor about gua tempurung trip.

take above the cave.

have to climb so many stair to reach the top of the cave.

jansen speeding riding the elephant.

hey, upload again later.. go play ball first... haha

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

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