Saturday, November 15, 2008


long time no update blog lor... bcoz this two week i was busy... studying for supp..
keep on studying studying and studying until yesterday finally i finish it. lucky i was still alive. so stress.. stress and stress and almost want jump down from my apartment ady. but i successfully pass the two weeks. cannot study las minutes ady.
the penang and ipoh trip update half half de. now cont it. update until we visit the temple.

back there got background also.
den after tat, we go fetech jj and pei se come from kl. den go eat dinner. den tat night went to penang meet yeekean. we stay at bukit mertajam. eat a lot at penang but took veli less photo.... haha..

penang mia seven eleven got shut down one..

pei se washing plates...

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