Monday, November 3, 2008

penang and ipoh trip...

28-10, tuesday me and kerounne went to ipoh. eric come fetch us. jansen come from sitiawan to ipoh. bcoz me and kerounne reach ipoh early, and jansen reach late a bit. so eric decide to let me and keroune wait at bus station until jansen reach onli he come fetch we all. wat a good fren. si beh nice de fren. hahaha... so me and kerounne wait around half an hour at bus station like sohai and get cheated. call eric, he says on the way now. want reach ady ... wait a while. he ask us sit at the chair first. sit until half an hour like tat.... lol. den we go eat hor fun after eric fetching us and jansen. hor hii yup woon. den eric bring me go do some research lor about gua tempurung trip.

take above the cave.

have to climb so many stair to reach the top of the cave.

jansen speeding riding the elephant.

hey, upload again later.. go play ball first... haha

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