Saturday, May 30, 2009

Miss Old time...

i miss many things. i browse frenster for two days ady. view all my long lost fren at hometown.i lost all their contact. strange i dint c them online at msn also although i got their msn. don know how are they doing now. study de study. working de working. some of them study at west malaysia, some choose to study at sarawak, some at perth of aus, some at america too. some even go india der to study doctor. many of them get JPA to study engineering at german. of coz there are some stay at sarawak. many of them work at their parents shop o work at other shops bcoz they choose not to study. i jus realise some of them hav been work as cutting hair at west malaysia here. b4 jus heard them learning cutting hair at here and go bak sarawak work. but las night jus realise they had come out here work for one year more. hope u all are doing jus fine. everyone has change ady also including me. everyone has their own thing, own destiny, own life. from the fs photo, i sud recall many of them are desperate b4 during secondary skool but good news is this few days i saw them quite a lot in relationship status. some of them break with their ex who i thought they are veli stable couple ady.some of them still flooding around. fs comment got 2000++ and all different guy chat with them. it been three year since graduate from secondary. many of them change but some of them, veli little of them still stay the is so so seldom for us to gather always. one year onli one time which is cny. sems break we always different time. some even dint back on cny. but now we come back gathering also different story ady. las time secondary skool time de feeling ady lost. everyone has changed. jus wish u all good luck in u guys career.

San Antonio Spurs

i do miss spurs basketball. miss tim duncan the best power forward player in nba history. miss manu ginobili the argentina player and tony parker of coz the score leader in point guard position in NBA. Spurs lose their playoff this time due to the injury and ages is getting big. Spurs basketball is the best always!!! the team in NBA history with five years three championships. 4 championship in 10 years

Friday, May 29, 2009


shane battier def kobe on playoff..

ben wallace the best center def... six foot tall onli

Thursday, May 28, 2009

that don't impress me

I've known a few guys who thought they were pretty smart
But you've got being right down to an art
You think you're a genius-you drive me up the wall
You're a regular original, a know-it-all
Oh-oo-oh, you think you're special
Oh-oo-oh, you think you're something else

Okay, so you're a rocket scientist
That don't impress me much
So you got the brain but have you got the touch
Don't get me wrong, yeah I think you're alright
But that won't keep me warm in the middle of the night
That don't impress me much

I never knew a guy who carried a mirror in his pocket
And a comb up his sleeve-just in case
And all that extra hold gel in your hair oughtta lock it
'Cause Heaven forbid it should fall outta place

Oh-oo-oh, you think you're special
Oh-oo-oh, you think you're something else

Okay, so you're Brad Pitt
That don't impress me much
So you got the looks but have you got the touch
Don't get me wrong, yeah I think you're alright
But that won't keep me warm in the middle of the night
That don't impress me much

You're one of those guys who likes to shine his machine
You make me take off my shoes before you let me get in
I can't believe you kiss your car good night
C'mon baby tell me-you must be jokin', right!

Oh-oo-oh, you think you're special
Oh-oo-oh, you think you're something else

Okay, so you've got a car
That don't impress me much
So you got the moves but have you got the touch
Don't get me wrong, yeah I think you're alright
But that won't keep me warm in the middle of the night

That don't impress me much
You think you're cool but have you got the touch
Don't get me wrong, yeah I think you're alright
But that won't keep me warm on the long, cold, lonely night
That don't impress me much

Okay, so what do you think you're Elvis or something...
That don't impress me much!

Alright! Alright!

You're Tarzan!
Captain Kirk maybe.
John Wayne.
That don't impress me much!

shaina twain good singer!!

Life goes on~~

finally i finish my final... finally i can rest. i dint care whether paper i can do o cannot liau.. its over!!!! now wat i care is i need to rest... call the DELL for reporting my laptop for many many times... its pek cek-ing.. but wat to do.. is DELL!!!! pay 600++ for extend warranty and yet still hav to waste my phone credit talk to them.. communicate with them for 40 minutes using my hp. require engineer come to my house need extra charge. nowadays, ppl are weird.. company are weird.. everything are weird. my laptop are weird also. running harddisk test no problem. running second time hardisk test no problem again. den should b software.. after DELL teach how to format bcoz DELL PC got their own programme own software. is so so so special onli DELL ppl know how to format. u need to format bit by bit. u need to install the DELL software such call as media direct 3.0 and u need to type in the code they giv it to u so ur hardisk can completely format. every single thing is cleaned and yet is still so FUCKING lag!!!!! RM600++ is pay for extend warranty and yet extand my lanjiau warranty have lar... after this few days, we hav to prepare and go for tioman as we wait for so long. b4 tioman, we go bak kuh teh ? go bukit tinggi? o eat bak chang as bak chang day is coming. after tioman.. next time i fly back to sarawak. back to hometown. back to place where i feel peace. Two weeks holiday is going fast and next sems is coming soon!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation on cinema 28 May 2009. Christian Bale will be the new terminator this time!!! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

richard hamilton

ric hamilton teach on moving without the ball...

Monday, May 18, 2009

orlando magic make it to eastern conference final. Win celtics in game 7 4-3 series.
lakers win rocket in game 7 too...

Friday, May 15, 2009

NBA playoff

nba playoff is getting insanse.. dwight howard center from the orlanda magic.. 23 rebounds.. save magic and push celctis to game 7 on coming sunday.

meanwhile rocket push lakers to the limit and tied the series 3-3 without yao ming this time. win lakers double digit. lakers vs rocket on this coming sunday too...

cleveland cavalier and denver nugget had ady make it to eastern final and western final. nugget and cavalier make playoff look easy this time. cavalier with lebron james win piston 4-0 and alanta hawks 4-0. nugget with chauncy billups and carmelo anthony win hornet 4-1 series and dallas 4-1 series.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Sometimes many things crash together. ..
there is always need to giv up something to get something..
cant b perfect... i wonder...
is a decision making somehow...
decide for urself, in between still need make sure the decision doesnt croos other ppl.. still respect urself, respect others..
but sometimes... left till no choice.. for ur own best... have to do something tat u don want it to happen also.. but somehow i still choose to escape in this situation..
sometimes also don want this decision but still have to do it this way.. y?
bcoz of the rule.. the theory.. the konsep..the others ppl feeling...
it's complicated ...

Friday, May 8, 2009

life goes on

Final exam is reli coming.. i haven been exam for whole sems.. some sub i manage to do well.. some with dissapointment.. some reli no interest.. don know how to study.. some exam until i giv up for tat quiz. this time final i got no confident at all especially for the ecp. i keep on thinking i'm gonna fail tat sub. after reading yee kean's blog, they say mini p can learn a lot.. but mini pre-requesive is 70 credit hour. i count my sub tat i have taken.. bcoz i got two sub left behind my fren and i need to pass this sems 6 sub i'm taking now onli i got 70 credit hours and take mini p. at the same time i got no confident with my ecp this sems. so i don think i manage to take mini p.. but i still wanna try to register mini p bcoz i'm trying to study ecp. but i prepare once i register for mini p.. once i can take.. i have to b prepared life is gonna to b harder than b4... some senior they say take multimedia if we cant afford to take it. bcoz fyp will gonna to learn wat u learn at mini p. las night i was thinking.. course i take is probably going to holland. now i regret i'm choosing engineering. so now i jus graduate first. no matter how long its take to graduate.. i jus graduate first... and c wat i can do.. however, they say collect money for future start from today. now i get the point ady. jus now i phone my mom.. wish her hapi mother's day.. she says is mother's day is 2morrow.. i was blur also..
heard my fren say is today. don forget to wish ur mom hapi mother's day everyone.
all da best for the final..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

final exam

final exam is around the corner.. got one and the half week left.. it seems like not enough time... got so many many sub... so many many chapter... hiahzz...
wish all of u guys good luck.. all da best for final.. score as many as we could..
exam mood is veli veli stresssss....:(

Click~... click~~~... clickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk~