Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life goes on~~

finally i finish my final... finally i can rest. i dint care whether paper i can do o cannot liau.. its over!!!! now wat i care is i need to rest... call the DELL for reporting my laptop for many many times... its pek cek-ing.. but wat to do.. is DELL!!!! pay 600++ for extend warranty and yet still hav to waste my phone credit talk to them.. communicate with them for 40 minutes using my hp. require engineer come to my house need extra charge. nowadays, ppl are weird.. company are weird.. everything are weird. my laptop are weird also. running harddisk test no problem. running second time hardisk test no problem again. den should b software.. after DELL teach how to format bcoz DELL PC got their own programme own software. is so so so special onli DELL ppl know how to format. u need to format bit by bit. u need to install the DELL software such call as media direct 3.0 and u need to type in the code they giv it to u so ur hardisk can completely format. every single thing is cleaned and yet is still so FUCKING lag!!!!! RM600++ is pay for extend warranty and yet extand my lanjiau warranty have lar... after this few days, we hav to prepare and go for tioman as we wait for so long. b4 tioman, we go bak kuh teh ? go bukit tinggi? o eat bak chang as bak chang day is coming. after tioman.. next time i fly back to sarawak. back to hometown. back to place where i feel peace. Two weeks holiday is going fast and next sems is coming soon!!!!

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