Sunday, December 21, 2008


now is 12.48am monday. today is winter solstice. but haven eat tang yuang yet. hiahz..quite pity i think. eat tang yuang at winter solstice got the feel.feel like every member of family is gathering together and celebrate the chinese tradisional holiday together jus like chinese new year. my family tonight they eat home cook.i no need ask also know tonight they eat delicious homecook. my grandma cook always. b4 my family got one kakak. always do housework bcoz my grandma leg was not healthy. but now she healthy ady. so no need the kakak liau. this time she can cook liau. my grandma cooking was good. i miss she cooking. sometimes my mom and my dad say i always dint tell them wat i do. i dint tell them i dye hair, i buy printer, i use money to buy clothes, when they get to know, scold scold scold.. i not don wnat to let them know.. i jus don want them to control me. not i dint care they feel. i always love them. i don like ppl to stop me after i make the decision. i hav the right to make decision for myself. i do wat i want. if i do wrong, i will regret and i learn from mistake. i make the decision according to how serious is the matter, how i confident with my decision, i think tat one is right. after i decided, i will do it. i MUST do it. don stop me.but i still reli love my mom and my dad. they do always support me although they keep on scolding me. i cant wait for this time i back to hometown after my final.sometimes i reach a point i cannot decide. my parents and my frens around me always support me. normally frens r important in my life. frens so called brother always guard me. thanks to all my lovely frens. sometimes my mom scold me i tell them after i do sth. scold i dint tell them. i also don know wat should i answer. jus remain silence. listen to her blak blak blak... wat u want me to do oh. i want like this. i do this got my own reason. but sometimes i feel sori for them bcoz my poor study. i have to impprove it. i come out here to study. tat still my point. although everytime basketball crash with it. tues i still need submit an assignment. design based assignment. is hard to do. two Q but finally me and kok hau settle the first Q. at first also no idea start from where. discussing discussing .. finally we solve the first problem.

the circuit can find inside the software. we have to connect transmission line by ourselves so tat it wont overflow. finally me and my geng groupmates solve the first problem. quite happy and successful. wahaha...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

today and tomorrow

today is sunday. today i need go library. today i need do assignment. today i need to prepare for midterm. today is kok jin birthday. today got so many things to do. 2morrow until thursday keong kan liau.

Friday, December 12, 2008

during alpha year,,,

sud i think bak my was the the most damn crazy year i ever been. wat do we do? we fuck everyone around, no matter is he o she... making fool of ppl.. shout everywhere.. shout at clc.. c pretty gal, wisel together, scare the gal... lol.. disturb ppl foundation group was pe09.

this is pe09.. we go everywhere leave no man behind. those ppl who don want come out, get diu until he come out.. matter go where.. come out ling teh, go out gai gai, come play ball early in the morning, go play badminton, go eat dimsum... still remember one proton iswara, can fetch many ppl.. guess wat.. proton iswara = warrior car. fetch nine ppl at one time.

ah tok, ah miau, hau ge(the name we call him in foundation) and fat choon(name in foundation)

whose cock is tat??
about ixora, we play fire cracker. throw it to the staircase. bomb!!! whole ixora can shake a while. still remember, we went to pure bar, too high until go climb up to the ceiling and get pull down by the security. security say "one more time again u out". the dj announce we don want to have anybody die here... wahahha..we went to the mamak nearby pure bar there, the ah nei working at ther count us wrong money, one of our fren turn the table inside up and outside down, break all the glasses den run away. pe09 was damn fun tat time. however, there was a guy get isolated in our class. During class, my dearest fren ah tok pick a rubbish on the floor and challenge me throw him if u dare. den i straight away throw to him from behind to the front of class. kenal his head.wahaha.when he look bak,we all doing wave 2gether.whole raw doing 2gether. wuhuhuhu.. from left to right, from right to left. he blur until don know wat happen.
after third sems final exam. after chemistry exam... took pic together... wear alpha t-shirt...

my dog get insulted...

well, tat was the pass.. alpha year was jus a memorable memory. life goes on. keep on moving forward. altitude aslo changed a lot since we came to cyber. now goes back to malacca, also wont have the feeling we had ady. everyone changed ady. go back gathering once a while sometimes. but this sems i haven find them yet.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


2morrow exam oh.. 2morrow exam eet2036. power system analysis. well, y i still have time upload blog? now is 10.16pm. i feel boring and upload a simple blog. eet2036 is all about calculation. newton raphson method, decoupled method and gauss seidal method. not easy to score. however i aim to score high in midterm so tat my final will b relax a bit. after 2morrow midterm, coming next midterm is eet2026. power transmission line. on the same day, hav to submit assignment eet2036 also. the assignment not easy to do. don know use wat fucking software. nv head b4. still got presentation for explaining to lecturer how u do the assignment.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


yesterday and today went to kl gathering with my family. one of my cousin wedding.
Attend the wedding dinner at klang. Having party at klang also.. this month a lot of ppl wedding. Good date for sure. every year dec also heard got ppl wedding de. i want ajak my mom go buy watch but planning unsuccessfully coz all the watch i saw out of my badget. aiksss.. next time ba ... i hav a new cousin.. veli cute.. her name is anabelle.
anabelle... big head pic!!!

one thing i like about her is she is hyperactive one.. she is veli busy. from morning walk here walk there until night. non-stop one. i stay with her two days dint heard she cry. jus heard she laugh 'wahaha' and busy walking here and running there. no scare to stranger also.. lol

well, i onli can take few pic of her.. she is too busy moving.. want take pic her also hard.. haha

waooo.. when can i drive this car?? is the wedding car...

don have anymore pic ler.. i dint take much pic.. dec is a good month.. damn many ppl wedding.

Click~... click~~~... clickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk~