Sunday, December 7, 2008


yesterday and today went to kl gathering with my family. one of my cousin wedding.
Attend the wedding dinner at klang. Having party at klang also.. this month a lot of ppl wedding. Good date for sure. every year dec also heard got ppl wedding de. i want ajak my mom go buy watch but planning unsuccessfully coz all the watch i saw out of my badget. aiksss.. next time ba ... i hav a new cousin.. veli cute.. her name is anabelle.
anabelle... big head pic!!!

one thing i like about her is she is hyperactive one.. she is veli busy. from morning walk here walk there until night. non-stop one. i stay with her two days dint heard she cry. jus heard she laugh 'wahaha' and busy walking here and running there. no scare to stranger also.. lol

well, i onli can take few pic of her.. she is too busy moving.. want take pic her also hard.. haha

waooo.. when can i drive this car?? is the wedding car...

don have anymore pic ler.. i dint take much pic.. dec is a good month.. damn many ppl wedding.

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