Wednesday, January 14, 2009

tony parker~

yoyo.. i got san antonio spurs tony parker jersey.. wahaha.. my long lost brother send it to me as my birthday present.. thank you veli much. cant upload any photo of wat i had taken coz not using my own pc.. lol..

this is wat i found browsing IE.

this is the best man!! wahaha

lib lifestyle

tell u guys something.. i jus c yee kean blog. lol.. his blog got this pic. according to him, he says he saw this name on the lib table. mayb he don know o mayb he know who draw it. but i confirm know who is tat fellow. i was together with him inside lib study everyday during study week. i came since morning and he came during afternoon. when dinner time, we were talking inside the lib. and talk and talk, den finally come out with the pic. wahaha... bcoz we talk about her new 5 mega pixel hp... lol..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


holiday-ing now eh...wahaha... just finish my exam on las sat. exam finally over. after exam finish, we(me yk yin kim kj eric jansen xh crystal and waychow) straight away chiong to genting!! wuhuhu.... take a lot of pic but cant upload now.. coz i not using my own laptop. my laptop got problem.. hiaizzz genting trip was damn amazing ... we went to theme park... wait damn long for sitting roller coaster, fun kart, and others i don know wat name ohhh... wahaha.. we play all the things inside the theme park. at night inside room, i still can laugh coz yin make some job. "WAYCHOW, can u shut the fuck up" shouted by yin~~
straight away no sound... wahaha... not get use sud when waychow dint make any ghost sound inside the room. we all laugh until beh tahan...well, i proud of my sister YIN!! and thanks for waychow for making those sound. hehe... thanks for the trip everyone.. it was damn nice. hapi chinese new year and holiday yeah everyone...

Click~... click~~~... clickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk~