Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i found out this is a nice video.. take a look everyone..

Monday, May 24, 2010

it's been a while since my last update..
last update was january.. it was las short sems holiday..
now is another sems break..
this long sems.. life was... err.. not so good..
but i manange myself not choose to b sad..
somehow keep on controlling not to care or think so much...
exam gt some paper i cant do well in morning.. i was lucky tat i still can hang on to continue second paper in the afternoon..
i choose to b happy everyday.. :)
sometimes i couldn't acheive wat i want..
but i take something from tat in another way perhaps?? haha..
is also very lucky to meet the gang.
get somethings from joining the gang ..
get to know other frens thinking .. from their angle.. or every different angle..
mindset perhaps
controlling bad temper also mayb..
coz i choose not to let ppl around me .. worry... feel bad.. sad..
i want my life to b happy no matter how bad situation i am...
i believe tat happy life win everything... haha..
this is the happy moment .. :)

hope we can always together.. communicate communicate..
nice to meet u all at this half way of life..
every person goes in different direction..
good luck for the coming days everyone..
live happily yea.. :P

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