Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

exam exam exam..

jus now exam circuit and signal. GG ady.. hiahzz.. don know can score how many marks.. hope wont fail until few marks.. after exam go lib talk a while, talk about pei shi.. hahaa.. reach home, straight away do full report for SIG2. 2morrow need submit. hiahzz.. now onli finish.. 3.19am now. haha.. not bad. 2morrow still got exam engin maths. hiazzz. until now still haven prepare anything. ... integrating double integrating triple integrating.................................................................................. somebody SAVE me.... pleassseeeee.... hola hola laho laho... alehka ojibala..gotubo botuno....eojogihsioanglkwnqbuowevbnrs;dlgwrnoahugr...GG!!!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

24 is not enough for me.

halo everyone. i'm back!!! hhaha.. b4 sleeping write blog 1st.. i jus finish doing my full report. sig1. copying onli. copy also need copy veli long. haha
2.56am now. y still not sleep yet.. 2morrow 8am class. act tonight i got plan to wash some clothes. but now so late ady. how wash oh..hiahz. room also haven mop. i need more time.24 is not enough. exam is veli near ady. need study lor. sat and sun ned go sungkai. 2morrow night still got sungkai and endau rompin meeting. tues night still got IVSC meeting. wed night go yoga. don know when can study ady. need chose afternoon time to study. 2morrow afternoon go library study liau. well, other ppl also same with me. 24 hours per day. so i should arrange my timetable. make 24 is enough for me. must study engin maths and signal... at least got touched both subject.. gogogo..haha

Saturday, July 19, 2008

midvalley gia gia..

yesterday morning 9 am wake up. went to stat building telephone encik ali. den go class until 12am. den follow kim to siew fai house. kim do her assignment there. den rush to foe there meeting. after meeting, rush to midvalley there shopping. thought want buy pyjamas for sungkai trip. but eventually end up with no pyjamas go back but a shoes. reach midvalley, first thing buy movie ticket 1st. den eat carl junior. den start our shopping. we shop veli veli rush. go this shop, c nth, come out straight. i got c some clothes not bad. but have rush rush rush de come out. hiak hiak hiak!!
we search for boxers everywhere. cant find my size.. hahaha..bside expensive also.
den we go video games there.

don get cheated by this cute little innocent patrick puppy. i wasted four bucks but didnt get anything.

this is how jansen look when he is veli man~~

eric, my man!!!
during eating...

eric yin ah bird. ah bird order burger without vegetable.

open my mouth to the limit. ...

jansen the most handsome pic.. hahahaha

Thursday, July 17, 2008

life like tat.. learn from our mistakes..

las night attended tourism club meeting. i need to book MMU bus. well, after meeting we go makan. sud xiang hui sms way chow go watch movie. den start to feeling high. haha.. after tat we talk, we joke, we laugh. sud xiang hui call way chow say no watch liau bcoz crystal credit card cant b used. hiahzz.. feel bad. den kean kong ask us, still want watch o not? yee kean say ok. way chow anything. den i force yee kean to say go watch. haha... den finally he say go watch. den kean kong terpaksa lar.. student say go watch ady... hahaha...den we five ppl say go watch lor. wth.. reach cinema, everywhere also MMU student. jus feel like in library foyer.
we choose to watch dark knight. movie not bad. no regret to watch. den the next day, eric say watch movie no call him. hhiahz.. i apologize to eric lor.. bcoz everything happen so suddenly .. and so rush also. don worry, next time i sure remember call u de.. bcoz b4 i dint experience anything so rush and so sud. bside watching movie is not the part of our plan. our plan is makan onli.. so sori lar.. next time i remember to call u de ..
den today is the most busy day of the week. 8am to 10am. 11am to 12pm. 1pm to 6pm. hiahz.. six reach home, as usual play ball 1st. den makan. den go chii lok house print my notes. den c yee kean a while. den go way chow there play a while. haha.. here go there go. den sud fren call ling teh. ling until now 4 am reach home. 2morrow nine am have to wake up. so now gotta sleep liau .... wakaka..
good night to everyone. and good morning for those who watching blog in the morning one..hahahaha

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

how comeeee...

tonight attended cls ivsc night market. honestly, i jus collect the rubbish around. tat my job. clean table collect rubbish. everyone c me also ask me y is me always. i answer them, if dint do this, nth to do also.den, chatting under the tree when there is less ppl lor cause not always got rubbish collect de lor. after tat collect all those table and chair back to FIT den i went back.
after tat i was veli moody.thinking thinking. keep on asking myself y?? where is my first step.. how come sud bcome so weak since tat difficult to step out my first step meh? everyone can do it well jus me cant.. fuck!!! well, nobody can help me also. the onli way is i helping myself. finding the way .. tat day i went dye hair, the colourlist sud ask me about the Q related to my problem. but i dint tell him .. but he answer my Q also.. i also don know y.. he seems like know my problem coz he experience it b4.. everyone also need walk this road. he tells me practise to b better. no need so hurry. answer the problem sud. well, practise is the idea in my mind i think. practise is the starting point for me now. start from practise . he says i still got plenty of time.from his experience, he used eight year to success.

Monday, July 14, 2008

upgrading new blog... not block!!! sei kim..

tonight i skip my cls ivsc to attend toursim agm.. haha..first, tourism club is fun. second, still is fun... third.. still veli FUN. haha.. 2morrow ten o clock class.. but b4 sleep.. have to update blog first.. don knw y.. this academic year, go tioman bali, taman negara and sungkai. need collect money first ler.. no money go so many places. haha.. jus finish copying hell boy.. but don know when watch.. but finish watching the photo about testing game in cyber park.. haha..funny..have to start dl notes liau.. next next week exam signal.. now notes still don have.. hiak hiak hiak.. let upload some photo and video during testing games...uploading video damn slow!!!2morrow onli upload.. preparing game 1st.. glue newspaper.. preparing keypad 1st ... start to test game... heavy kim.. pity jia wen and xiang hue.. eric eric eric... oh ah bird... i will carry u bhind me no matter how far how hard how heavy how tired.. i lov uuuuu.. hahahahha.... LOL!!! oppss.. ugly a bit.. aiksss.. 70kg kim need two ppl hold.. hahahaha spin until lost balance.. pro ck spin fast!!! comfortable way chow enjoying there... leg pass bananaaaaa... wtf ... hahaha..

Sunday, July 13, 2008

i lost my hell boy!!!!

tonight i suppose to watch hell boy.. but something veli funny happen.. eric msg me go watch hell boy.. ask me contact yee kean way chow and kok jin.. way chow contact me after eric msg me.. he ask me ask yee kean.. den i phone yee kean number but i cant reach to him.. den i call kok jin. kok jin say ok. den finally i reach to yee kean. yee kean say ok also. den veli high de go to kok jin house gather. den we depart from cyberia. we go alamanda STRAIGHT. when reach there, i contact eric, after discussion, our conclusion is wait in front of cinema on 8.55pm. But when we approach there, no ppl there one. shadow also cant c. Y?? but we c the preview, hellboy is start on 9.45pm. y they ask us so early go wait at there.. den we phone them, they say they reach ady. y no c us? they say they at the mines. hahahahaha.... who say at alamanda.. WTH.. straight get stunned when heard this. y we nv ask where is the place. Heard say go watch movie, ask time,ask wat movie, nv ask places. first thing come out in everyone's mind is alamanda. hahah.. aiks aiks aikssss... nvm lar..
next time we will REMEMBER ask time ask wat movie and including places also... den tonight we discuss how to settle the ticket money in pizza hut. after successfully discussion, i suggest go putrajaya bridge there talking talking.. den whole night.. sit stand at there.. talking..chatting.. sharing opinion... wat a nice night although lose my hell boy.. hahaha... anyway, nobody fault tonight.. next time i mus remember to ask wat movie, wat time and where...wat when where is damn urgent... REMEMBER ALWAYS!!!! ok lar.. 2morrow 8 am class.. sleep liau.. ZZZZzzzzzz..

do i have to cry for u

long time no heard from nick carter ady...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

bla bla bla~~.....blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

jus finish watching hancock today with my housemate and yee kean.. movie not bad.. story not bad.. can watch..nice to watch.. conclusion is still not bad.. got some feeling.... ermmm..this morning test game in cyberpark.. got successfully test all the station game.. those game can b play in sungkai trip.. is fun..everyone keep on talking jokes. the innocent of me get wet badly.. how bad was it.. hahaha..and veli unfortunately i left my key in jimmy car and took wrong key(ah choi,KFC) back to my home.. hiahz..this weekend is excellent .. although many ppl not around but still damn damn fun.. haha..let upload some photo we taken during kim's birthday.. first, someone get kidnapped ..... second, mangsa is crying...... later, she took pic with huge gang of kidnapper.. =.= after tat, kidnapper bring her to genting take pic.... video was taken while in the car..poor mangsa..

young player dwayne wade...


dwayne 3

damn fast.. 2006 nba final mvp dwayne wade.. .

Friday, July 11, 2008


now i jus realize wat jiawen had write about me inside the blog.. how come.. am i innocent??.. actually i also get cheated.. WHY?? how come?? waychow, JJ and jiawen.. i am truly apologize .. aiks.. accept my sori ba.. accept lar.. the conclusion is i am so damn innocent.. haha.. please.. i am innocent.. hahaha..
let talk about today.. today whole day relax-ing.. stay at home.. online.. dl song ..watching youtube..go play ball also play senang-senang.. shoot shoot onli..
today is the first day i play ball with yee kean and one of my fren(wingyew).. haha.. not bad not bad.. talk talk.. play play.. whole court onli three ppl at there.. ok lar.. have to sleep liau..2morrow cont..


er...erm... yeah... i wonder r they human?.. AMAZING.. =D

check this out...

monster james.. high speed damn powerful...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

blogging blogging!! blogger is writing blog.

hiahz.. learn to blogging at here..don know wat to write.. can somebody suggest me wat to is 3.10am. i jus come back from playing basketball at oldtown. still haven bath yet.. smelly here.. wait ah.. i go bath 1st.. later i continue writing my first lovely boring meanigful blog.
hi. i'm back. now is 3.37am. i jus come out from bathing. prepare everything and now cont my blogging. wah.. veli cold here. wear jacket first. well, my blog is meaningful ler. haha.
yesterday night jus finish engineering math exam. today whole day relax-ing. walk to skool and walk back from skool also walk rush at all. go class dreaming. stressless for one day. this friday saturday and sunday everyone back malacca visit old fren. but i cant back. saturday got test game for sungkai trip. nvm lar, back next time lar. b4 at malacca, alpha year is the happiest moment. Pe09 always the best. the biggest geng .. but now ..haihz..few ppl come to cyber onli from my group. well, ppl r complicated since come to beta year.don worry, i will b more complicated. haha. no matter how.. have to back malacca for few days b4 midterm break. malacca malacca.. here i come!! wait me!!

Click~... click~~~... clickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk~