Sunday, July 20, 2008

24 is not enough for me.

halo everyone. i'm back!!! hhaha.. b4 sleeping write blog 1st.. i jus finish doing my full report. sig1. copying onli. copy also need copy veli long. haha
2.56am now. y still not sleep yet.. 2morrow 8am class. act tonight i got plan to wash some clothes. but now so late ady. how wash oh..hiahz. room also haven mop. i need more time.24 is not enough. exam is veli near ady. need study lor. sat and sun ned go sungkai. 2morrow night still got sungkai and endau rompin meeting. tues night still got IVSC meeting. wed night go yoga. don know when can study ady. need chose afternoon time to study. 2morrow afternoon go library study liau. well, other ppl also same with me. 24 hours per day. so i should arrange my timetable. make 24 is enough for me. must study engin maths and signal... at least got touched both subject.. gogogo..haha

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