Friday, July 11, 2008


now i jus realize wat jiawen had write about me inside the blog.. how come.. am i innocent??.. actually i also get cheated.. WHY?? how come?? waychow, JJ and jiawen.. i am truly apologize .. aiks.. accept my sori ba.. accept lar.. the conclusion is i am so damn innocent.. haha.. please.. i am innocent.. hahaha..
let talk about today.. today whole day relax-ing.. stay at home.. online.. dl song ..watching youtube..go play ball also play senang-senang.. shoot shoot onli..
today is the first day i play ball with yee kean and one of my fren(wingyew).. haha.. not bad not bad.. talk talk.. play play.. whole court onli three ppl at there.. ok lar.. have to sleep liau..2morrow cont..

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