Thursday, July 10, 2008

blogging blogging!! blogger is writing blog.

hiahz.. learn to blogging at here..don know wat to write.. can somebody suggest me wat to is 3.10am. i jus come back from playing basketball at oldtown. still haven bath yet.. smelly here.. wait ah.. i go bath 1st.. later i continue writing my first lovely boring meanigful blog.
hi. i'm back. now is 3.37am. i jus come out from bathing. prepare everything and now cont my blogging. wah.. veli cold here. wear jacket first. well, my blog is meaningful ler. haha.
yesterday night jus finish engineering math exam. today whole day relax-ing. walk to skool and walk back from skool also walk rush at all. go class dreaming. stressless for one day. this friday saturday and sunday everyone back malacca visit old fren. but i cant back. saturday got test game for sungkai trip. nvm lar, back next time lar. b4 at malacca, alpha year is the happiest moment. Pe09 always the best. the biggest geng .. but now ..haihz..few ppl come to cyber onli from my group. well, ppl r complicated since come to beta year.don worry, i will b more complicated. haha. no matter how.. have to back malacca for few days b4 midterm break. malacca malacca.. here i come!! wait me!!

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