Tuesday, July 15, 2008

how comeeee...

tonight attended cls ivsc night market. honestly, i jus collect the rubbish around. tat my job. clean table collect rubbish. everyone c me also ask me y is me always. i answer them, if dint do this, nth to do also.den, chatting under the tree when there is less ppl lor cause not always got rubbish collect de lor. after tat collect all those table and chair back to FIT den i went back.
after tat i was veli moody.thinking thinking. keep on asking myself y?? where is my first step.. how come sud bcome so weak since tat difficult to step out my first step meh? everyone can do it well jus me cant.. fuck!!! well, nobody can help me also. the onli way is i helping myself. finding the way .. tat day i went dye hair, the colourlist sud ask me about the Q related to my problem. but i dint tell him .. but he answer my Q also.. i also don know y.. he seems like know my problem coz he experience it b4.. everyone also need walk this road. he tells me practise to b better. no need so hurry. answer the problem sud. well, practise is the idea in my mind i think. practise is the starting point for me now. start from practise . he says i still got plenty of time.from his experience, he used eight year to success.

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