Sunday, July 13, 2008

i lost my hell boy!!!!

tonight i suppose to watch hell boy.. but something veli funny happen.. eric msg me go watch hell boy.. ask me contact yee kean way chow and kok jin.. way chow contact me after eric msg me.. he ask me ask yee kean.. den i phone yee kean number but i cant reach to him.. den i call kok jin. kok jin say ok. den finally i reach to yee kean. yee kean say ok also. den veli high de go to kok jin house gather. den we depart from cyberia. we go alamanda STRAIGHT. when reach there, i contact eric, after discussion, our conclusion is wait in front of cinema on 8.55pm. But when we approach there, no ppl there one. shadow also cant c. Y?? but we c the preview, hellboy is start on 9.45pm. y they ask us so early go wait at there.. den we phone them, they say they reach ady. y no c us? they say they at the mines. hahahahaha.... who say at alamanda.. WTH.. straight get stunned when heard this. y we nv ask where is the place. Heard say go watch movie, ask time,ask wat movie, nv ask places. first thing come out in everyone's mind is alamanda. hahah.. aiks aiks aikssss... nvm lar..
next time we will REMEMBER ask time ask wat movie and including places also... den tonight we discuss how to settle the ticket money in pizza hut. after successfully discussion, i suggest go putrajaya bridge there talking talking.. den whole night.. sit stand at there.. talking..chatting.. sharing opinion... wat a nice night although lose my hell boy.. hahaha... anyway, nobody fault tonight.. next time i mus remember to ask wat movie, wat time and where...wat when where is damn urgent... REMEMBER ALWAYS!!!! ok lar.. 2morrow 8 am class.. sleep liau.. ZZZZzzzzzz..

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