Friday, October 30, 2009


mood of coming bak after fall down...
i love this song~~...
nice nice....

First week..

Bak to study life again~~...
Delta year 2nd sems..
first week of the class.. ady skip two hours class..hiahz..
first week skip class ... not a good sign..
12am playing futsa which i don know how to kick...
Sing K until 3am...
Watching Laws Abiding Citizen (nice movie)~..
evening playing basketball (bball is brotherhood)..
first week time book full full liau.. hahaha..
life is happy~~

Monday, October 26, 2009

Langkawi memory ^^

let recall bak to the days i spend in langkawi.. haha... it was happy moment when we were all together.. veli veli fun~~.. wahaha.. went to langkawi on 11-10-09, go to perlis and penang after langkawi.. stressless days.. relaxing day... crazy day... laugh until siau~.. celebrate xiang hue 21st birthday(22-10-09) at langkawi.. celebrate early bcoz sems break everyone dint meet each other.. taking photo.. playing at air terjun.. playing with black sand.. pull kim, peichin and julian out to the sea... walking out to the sea.. until almost middle already with our leg still touching on the sand under the sea water.. wow~~ buy chocolate and buy some ackohol drinks... decide to drink at night celebrating together.. but the next day wake up.. everyone say las night 8pm i ady slept liau.. i don know wat happen las night.. let upload pic lor wei.. haha .. when we were at the airport.. haha together with plane.. reached the hotel.. crazy inside the hotel... hahha the next day.. going to cable car.. where xiang hue is veli high one.. wahaha.. hiahz.. line so suck now.. upload photo also take so long.. want upload video 0.37seconds take so long also...wth... i'm so hungry.. no care.. i go eat first.. don want upload liau..

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy holiday ..

Few more hours to go to langkawi ..
Now is 4.44pm.. 6pm gonna gather..
Gonna be at the place where i always gonna be there..
Which is LCCT.. everytime holiday.. i'm gonna pass by there..
Just finish packing stuff.. preparing mood..
mood for holiday...~~~~
Gonna take a lot of photo again.. yes~~..
After langkawi...
Can eat at penang again!!!... hullayyy..
After penang.. gonna bak sibu liau..
Miss family, miss kampua.. miss frens..
Happy holiday everyone...

Friday, October 9, 2009

nba 2008 playoff Spurs VS Hornet series

it took game 7 for spurs to elimate hornet..
game 1

game 2

hornet lead the series 2-0. spurs lose the first two games..

game 3

game 4

spurs tied up the series by winning game 3 and 4..

game 5

game 6

game 7

spurs make it to western conference final by wining 4-3 series over hornet..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

500 days of sweet Summer~~

this movie is meaningful..
it's not a love story but it's a story about love..
when a boy(Tom) meet a gal(Summer).. how happy is he and how sad is he..
finally they dint get together bcoz they are not meant to b..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


this was last year(2008) we celebrating our mooncake festival... tat time we were gamma year.. i was happy i can celebrate together with u all... although my family were in hometown.. tat time we went to putrajaya(under the bridge) to play lantern... Nowadays can go where find university students playing lantern together?? Proud of it .. it is very fun actually when we all were together..

So fast one year ady..
come to another year 2009..
Really fast it had been a year.. Quite a lot of things changed..
Things come and go.. thing happen among us..
but luckily our frenship remain.. yeah!!
tat day i jus heard yin said during lunch on exam week..
we do always play a lot.. but we still come bak to study..
suddenly remain me the way i think compare with b4 is completely change..
this time we celebrated at sk..
the gals cook spaghetti.. haha.. nice nice..

we had ate different taste of mooncake..
mooncake taste so good when we ate together..
especially when we have to be fast to grab it.. haha..
left the container onli if late.. :(

after eating.. is time for lantern.. haha..
the lantern is so meaningful bcoz we kept it from last year after we playing it..
this year we take it out again.. haha.. same lantern..
we play our lantern walk walk walk around mcd, dai ka lor, and some others shop..
haha.. quite paiseh.. but is fun.. is mid autumn .. haha..
walk walk.. talk talk.. take some pic..

half way we even met one uncle who is frenly..
he is so happy to c us playing lantern mayb i think is remind of his childhood..

end up together with jitsern william and jun wei..
wow.. the taman they live were so high class.. haha
it was a fun night and bcome memories..
celebrating mooncake festival two days b4 first paper of our final exam..
but i dint regret.. :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

NBA ten top players

Top ten players has join the NBA 50 greatest of all time...

Friday, October 2, 2009

marathon marathon marathon....

today jus finish power electronic..
2morrow come electrical material..
monday come electromagnetic theory and law again..
life is so shuang..
i got marathon to catch ..
after catching marathon for final exam..
got another marathon to catch for holiday.. haha..
going malacca b4 going langkawi?? sound nice??
bak from langkawi den straight bak sarawak..
malacca -> langkawi -> sarawak..
is malacca plan on??
my frens... ON onli... no need consider liau.. wahaha..
happy final exam everyone..
all da best!!!

Click~... click~~~... clickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk~