Tuesday, October 6, 2009


this was last year(2008) we celebrating our mooncake festival... tat time we were gamma year.. i was happy i can celebrate together with u all... although my family were in hometown.. tat time we went to putrajaya(under the bridge) to play lantern... Nowadays can go where find university students playing lantern together?? Proud of it .. it is very fun actually when we all were together..

So fast one year ady..
come to another year 2009..
Really fast it had been a year.. Quite a lot of things changed..
Things come and go.. thing happen among us..
but luckily our frenship remain.. yeah!!
tat day i jus heard yin said during lunch on exam week..
we do always play a lot.. but we still come bak to study..
suddenly remain me the way i think compare with b4 is completely change..
this time we celebrated at sk..
the gals cook spaghetti.. haha.. nice nice..

we had ate different taste of mooncake..
mooncake taste so good when we ate together..
especially when we have to be fast to grab it.. haha..
left the container onli if late.. :(

after eating.. is time for lantern.. haha..
the lantern is so meaningful bcoz we kept it from last year after we playing it..
this year we take it out again.. haha.. same lantern..
we play our lantern walk walk walk around mcd, dai ka lor, and some others shop..
haha.. quite paiseh.. but is fun.. is mid autumn .. haha..
walk walk.. talk talk.. take some pic..

half way we even met one uncle who is frenly..
he is so happy to c us playing lantern mayb i think is remind of his childhood..

end up together with jitsern william and jun wei..
wow.. the taman they live were so high class.. haha
it was a fun night and bcome memories..
celebrating mooncake festival two days b4 first paper of our final exam..
but i dint regret.. :)


Yin Fung said...

like this post.

Crystal said...

like this post too =P

Michelle said...

the pics are all so nice! btw i oso got celebrate n carry lantern in uni lo~ hehehe

Shadow TzeING said...

congrazz to u michelle..
update to ur blog lo wei~~..
yin and crystal.. thank you~~

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