Wednesday, August 26, 2009

invitation from nuffnang..

yuhuuu~~... i jus get nuffnang free tickets to hip hop fest Merdeka eve party. Venue at Mist club.. wahaha.. first time i get invitation from nuffnang.. :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday restless life..

today is saturday..
today is restless...
sleep until 3 pm onli wake up..
wake up wat also dint do..
just online and listen music..
dinner with three fellow together..
which is yk, jan, kim..
after dinner.. take a nap..
after taking a nap.. online again..
until now.. and now is 2.07am..
not even do a single thing..
except for phone bak to my lovely mom.. ^^
today is wasting time day..
not even jogging o playing basketball..
monday got law exam.. today not even look at it .. :(
wat a day..

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Random Recently...

tonight jus celebrate david beh 22 years old birthday....
happy early birthday to mr beh..
this weekend relax a bit for me...
can stay at home.. hav a little bit peace for myself..
no assignment.. mini p temporary rest for two days first..
onli need to look at law.. haha..
this few days life pass normal normal...
power electronic midterm better than Dr khyint sub..
eat steambot with kim, xh, yeekean, jan, yin, pei se, crystal, kerounne...
watched G.I Joe with eric and kok jin..
wish to watch more movie .. still got a lot .. :(
overcome some problem..
to b happy always..
b happy always..think simple..
is all about dare o not.. care o not care..
do i dare??? do i care??
control feeling...
make sure which one is more important..

Thursday, August 6, 2009


last sems i remember the suffer, the pain of lazy study..
but this sems.. i think i forgot about tat..
i'm quite lazy this sems...
jus screw up my analog midterm test las week..
this coming week midterm electrical material.. still haven start yet..
cant concentrate.. study veli slow.. after study also forget..
CANT CONCENTRATE on my study..
midterm break not get use to study for midterm test.. but wat to do..
after break.. straight exam.. :(
i must take this few days to study for midterm..
don screw it this time..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

sprite slam dunk contest

wow~~.. the beauty of slam dunk.. make it easily.. yeah baby!!!

Click~... click~~~... clickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk~