Friday, August 21, 2009

A Random Recently...

tonight jus celebrate david beh 22 years old birthday....
happy early birthday to mr beh..
this weekend relax a bit for me...
can stay at home.. hav a little bit peace for myself..
no assignment.. mini p temporary rest for two days first..
onli need to look at law.. haha..
this few days life pass normal normal...
power electronic midterm better than Dr khyint sub..
eat steambot with kim, xh, yeekean, jan, yin, pei se, crystal, kerounne...
watched G.I Joe with eric and kok jin..
wish to watch more movie .. still got a lot .. :(
overcome some problem..
to b happy always..
b happy always..think simple..
is all about dare o not.. care o not care..
do i dare??? do i care??
control feeling...
make sure which one is more important..

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