Monday, April 27, 2009

i wonder...

i don think i need a reason. Reason why i'm doing this, reason y i'm calling my frens.. reason y i find my frens... reason y i take fren's number, reason y i be good to my frens.. reason y i sms my frens.. am i reli need a a reason? do i need to explain? at first i think i should giv a reason so tat my fren know but today suddenly i don think so... explaining will get thing to b complicated... why don i think straight.. i think "thing" is easy.. i do it straight forward.. i jus do it according to wat i want.. let he or she know.. however i'm still in the learning process..

Sunday, April 26, 2009

one last breath

actually i know this song veli long ago .. i have ady found out it is veli nice song since i was in foundation but las few days i jus realize something from this song. the lyrics i found out is interesting for me. the lyrics is wat i feel since gamma year second trimester start. i'm always get defeated ... well, this few days i keep on listening to this song. i feel the point for this song...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

he's just not that into you

"he's just not that into you" i jus watch it with my frens... i found it meaningful for me.. although some part a bit boring.. its not the best movie for me but i love the point. Every ppl has their own happy ending. cheers always.. Do always remember what goes around comes around..
las friday sat and sun i just miss pangkor trip. seems like my fren they will having a happy trip. bcoz i choose to score for test 2, i hav to giv up the pangkor. Guess everyone has new name after coming back from pangkor, siau jen, lau da, and so so..
crazy in some games.. killer and angel, dodge ball.... eating 2kg sotong, eat those seafood.. don worry.. still have one more tioman trip to go.. wahaha..not far from now.. tioman trip will b damn fun!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

top ten of the last day of season

nba playoff...

Excited... nba playoff gonna to start soon. today is the last season day. playoff is the match where those teams show their best teamwork, best skill and the most excited match for nba fans to watch. eastern selected greatest result eight teams and western also selected their greatest eight teams. pheonix sun and toronto raptor cant make it to playoff this year.
detroit piston vs cleveland cavalier

boston celtics vs chicago bulls

atlanta hawks vs miami heat

orlanda magic vs phil sixers

los angelas lakers vs utah jazz

san antonio spurs vs dallas maverick

portland blazer vs houston rocket

denver nuggets vs new orlean hornets

this year spurs back to face with maverick which they always lose to. they have been lost to dallas at 2006 playoff with big dissappointment on them. cleveland cavaliers this season with good result. Eastern highest result is cleveland. western is los angelas lakers.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Recently my life was veli down. One thing i hav to reli struggle.. tat is my academic.
wat happen to my academic? since start from gamma year first sems.. a sudden drop and i cant pull it back. this sems ady half gone. my midterm marks not good. this morning paper i screw it. eem test 1 i screw it. control theory i screw it. i wonder where is my problem?? i jus check the eem paper this morning. the simple simple de simplex method i also do wrong. objective score 4/10. WTF!!! this morning de paper i have ady study but inside exam i was not confident with wat i remember.. finally i choose wrong method. i wonder am i not concentrate enough during study? o b4 exam i dint finalize it well after study? i must cover this two weakness for my eem test 2.

Friday, April 3, 2009

busy lifestyle

this few day i was damn not good. i was damn busy for my exam. i got no time. i jus can relax at night during i was sleeping. every night i sleep at 2am. morning everyday wake up at 8.30am for class, lab and jaga booth. exam period, sleeping is damn sweet. the onli moment tat i can relax, free and rest for 2morrow. exam period = stress period. study study and study. b reli calm down. somemore, las few days i got my toothache. so uncomfortable. bcoz i born the big teeth inside my mouth. eat wat also suffer. cant eat.even the food i ate also bullying me. onli can eat bubur. bubur is the sweetest food for me this few days. i still need to prepare for this coming wed and friday test. after this week, i still hav two quiz and one midterm to go. after this two quiz, i think is time for my final. hell yeah!!!!

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