Friday, April 3, 2009

busy lifestyle

this few day i was damn not good. i was damn busy for my exam. i got no time. i jus can relax at night during i was sleeping. every night i sleep at 2am. morning everyday wake up at 8.30am for class, lab and jaga booth. exam period, sleeping is damn sweet. the onli moment tat i can relax, free and rest for 2morrow. exam period = stress period. study study and study. b reli calm down. somemore, las few days i got my toothache. so uncomfortable. bcoz i born the big teeth inside my mouth. eat wat also suffer. cant eat.even the food i ate also bullying me. onli can eat bubur. bubur is the sweetest food for me this few days. i still need to prepare for this coming wed and friday test. after this week, i still hav two quiz and one midterm to go. after this two quiz, i think is time for my final. hell yeah!!!!

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