Thursday, April 9, 2009


Recently my life was veli down. One thing i hav to reli struggle.. tat is my academic.
wat happen to my academic? since start from gamma year first sems.. a sudden drop and i cant pull it back. this sems ady half gone. my midterm marks not good. this morning paper i screw it. eem test 1 i screw it. control theory i screw it. i wonder where is my problem?? i jus check the eem paper this morning. the simple simple de simplex method i also do wrong. objective score 4/10. WTF!!! this morning de paper i have ady study but inside exam i was not confident with wat i remember.. finally i choose wrong method. i wonder am i not concentrate enough during study? o b4 exam i dint finalize it well after study? i must cover this two weakness for my eem test 2.

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