Saturday, July 19, 2008

midvalley gia gia..

yesterday morning 9 am wake up. went to stat building telephone encik ali. den go class until 12am. den follow kim to siew fai house. kim do her assignment there. den rush to foe there meeting. after meeting, rush to midvalley there shopping. thought want buy pyjamas for sungkai trip. but eventually end up with no pyjamas go back but a shoes. reach midvalley, first thing buy movie ticket 1st. den eat carl junior. den start our shopping. we shop veli veli rush. go this shop, c nth, come out straight. i got c some clothes not bad. but have rush rush rush de come out. hiak hiak hiak!!
we search for boxers everywhere. cant find my size.. hahaha..bside expensive also.
den we go video games there.

don get cheated by this cute little innocent patrick puppy. i wasted four bucks but didnt get anything.

this is how jansen look when he is veli man~~

eric, my man!!!
during eating...

eric yin ah bird. ah bird order burger without vegetable.

open my mouth to the limit. ...

jansen the most handsome pic.. hahahaha

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