Thursday, July 17, 2008

life like tat.. learn from our mistakes..

las night attended tourism club meeting. i need to book MMU bus. well, after meeting we go makan. sud xiang hui sms way chow go watch movie. den start to feeling high. haha.. after tat we talk, we joke, we laugh. sud xiang hui call way chow say no watch liau bcoz crystal credit card cant b used. hiahzz.. feel bad. den kean kong ask us, still want watch o not? yee kean say ok. way chow anything. den i force yee kean to say go watch. haha... den finally he say go watch. den kean kong terpaksa lar.. student say go watch ady... hahaha...den we five ppl say go watch lor. wth.. reach cinema, everywhere also MMU student. jus feel like in library foyer.
we choose to watch dark knight. movie not bad. no regret to watch. den the next day, eric say watch movie no call him. hhiahz.. i apologize to eric lor.. bcoz everything happen so suddenly .. and so rush also. don worry, next time i sure remember call u de.. bcoz b4 i dint experience anything so rush and so sud. bside watching movie is not the part of our plan. our plan is makan onli.. so sori lar.. next time i remember to call u de ..
den today is the most busy day of the week. 8am to 10am. 11am to 12pm. 1pm to 6pm. hiahz.. six reach home, as usual play ball 1st. den makan. den go chii lok house print my notes. den c yee kean a while. den go way chow there play a while. haha.. here go there go. den sud fren call ling teh. ling until now 4 am reach home. 2morrow nine am have to wake up. so now gotta sleep liau .... wakaka..
good night to everyone. and good morning for those who watching blog in the morning one..hahahaha

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