Saturday, July 12, 2008

bla bla bla~~.....blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

jus finish watching hancock today with my housemate and yee kean.. movie not bad.. story not bad.. can watch..nice to watch.. conclusion is still not bad.. got some feeling.... ermmm..this morning test game in cyberpark.. got successfully test all the station game.. those game can b play in sungkai trip.. is fun..everyone keep on talking jokes. the innocent of me get wet badly.. how bad was it.. hahaha..and veli unfortunately i left my key in jimmy car and took wrong key(ah choi,KFC) back to my home.. hiahz..this weekend is excellent .. although many ppl not around but still damn damn fun.. haha..let upload some photo we taken during kim's birthday.. first, someone get kidnapped ..... second, mangsa is crying...... later, she took pic with huge gang of kidnapper.. =.= after tat, kidnapper bring her to genting take pic.... video was taken while in the car..poor mangsa..

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