Friday, May 8, 2009

life goes on

Final exam is reli coming.. i haven been exam for whole sems.. some sub i manage to do well.. some with dissapointment.. some reli no interest.. don know how to study.. some exam until i giv up for tat quiz. this time final i got no confident at all especially for the ecp. i keep on thinking i'm gonna fail tat sub. after reading yee kean's blog, they say mini p can learn a lot.. but mini pre-requesive is 70 credit hour. i count my sub tat i have taken.. bcoz i got two sub left behind my fren and i need to pass this sems 6 sub i'm taking now onli i got 70 credit hours and take mini p. at the same time i got no confident with my ecp this sems. so i don think i manage to take mini p.. but i still wanna try to register mini p bcoz i'm trying to study ecp. but i prepare once i register for mini p.. once i can take.. i have to b prepared life is gonna to b harder than b4... some senior they say take multimedia if we cant afford to take it. bcoz fyp will gonna to learn wat u learn at mini p. las night i was thinking.. course i take is probably going to holland. now i regret i'm choosing engineering. so now i jus graduate first. no matter how long its take to graduate.. i jus graduate first... and c wat i can do.. however, they say collect money for future start from today. now i get the point ady. jus now i phone my mom.. wish her hapi mother's day.. she says is mother's day is 2morrow.. i was blur also..
heard my fren say is today. don forget to wish ur mom hapi mother's day everyone.
all da best for the final..

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