Saturday, May 30, 2009

Miss Old time...

i miss many things. i browse frenster for two days ady. view all my long lost fren at hometown.i lost all their contact. strange i dint c them online at msn also although i got their msn. don know how are they doing now. study de study. working de working. some of them study at west malaysia, some choose to study at sarawak, some at perth of aus, some at america too. some even go india der to study doctor. many of them get JPA to study engineering at german. of coz there are some stay at sarawak. many of them work at their parents shop o work at other shops bcoz they choose not to study. i jus realise some of them hav been work as cutting hair at west malaysia here. b4 jus heard them learning cutting hair at here and go bak sarawak work. but las night jus realise they had come out here work for one year more. hope u all are doing jus fine. everyone has change ady also including me. everyone has their own thing, own destiny, own life. from the fs photo, i sud recall many of them are desperate b4 during secondary skool but good news is this few days i saw them quite a lot in relationship status. some of them break with their ex who i thought they are veli stable couple ady.some of them still flooding around. fs comment got 2000++ and all different guy chat with them. it been three year since graduate from secondary. many of them change but some of them, veli little of them still stay the is so so seldom for us to gather always. one year onli one time which is cny. sems break we always different time. some even dint back on cny. but now we come back gathering also different story ady. las time secondary skool time de feeling ady lost. everyone has changed. jus wish u all good luck in u guys career.

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