Thursday, November 20, 2008

ipoh ipoh ipoh..

recently my life veli connected to ipoh.. i'm organizing a trip to gua tempurung and ipoh one day trip... ipoh got many famous food.. one of the famous food is hor yee.
well, i want to eat hor yee. eric teach me to order. hor yee yat wun. i speak like japanese language.. horyee yatwun, horyee yatwun, horyee yatwun, HORYEE YATWUN, HORYEE YATWUN,HORYEE YATWUN, HORYEE YATWUN. bcoz of the hor yee yat wun, the penang kia pass by with us, thought we came from japan o mogonlia. we keep on shouting HORYEE YATWUN HORYEE YATWUN!!! hor yee.. i'm gonna come to eat u this sat.. hor yee yat wunnnn...

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