Saturday, August 2, 2008

writing blog in midnight!!

i miss my daddy.. my mom .. i hav the best dad. well, but i seldom phone them.. don know y.. although i lov them, appreciate wat they did, but i jus dint phone them.. nth to talk one... coz they not allow me dye hair. but i now i dye my hair. they not allow me involve in relationship yet, but i tel them it is my own decision. my dad not allow me sleep late and wake up late. but me everyday sleep late and wake up damn late if no class. like this situation phone back, always tell.. nono.. i dint dye hair..nono.. i wake up early in this morning.. nono... i didnt c any gal i like now.. hahaha.. better no need call .. everytime i phone back is talking about this month my maybank acc less figure. o asking them buy sth for me. o telling when i back. ask them to book the flight. hiahzz.. my grandmother was veli old ady. well, there nth i can do about it. i onli can do wat she told me to. ask me buy breakfast, buy egg, buy kitchen de thing when i was in hometown. during my skool time, my grandmother every morning wake me up for skool.. miss those day. my two brothers.. no need to say. no topic between us. my eldest brother.. graduate ady. no dying hair b4 coz dad and mom not allow. las few years had a special one after graduated coz obey to wat the parents say. he is hardworing earning money. pandai pandai. the second brother.. hiahzz.. graduate also. working also. everyday lock himself in his room. seldom go out. his life working sleeping eating and travelling once in a long time. he always cut his hair veli short and parents damn like. the third one is me. dye hair twice, lazy study, talketive, lov to play, sleep late, sometimes wear black t shirt although parents not allow,. haha..

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