Tuesday, August 5, 2008

lifestyle during midterm break

this morning, around 11 sth wai loon call me ask me for lunch. but tat time i was still sleeping. but i still need go for lunch. den go block c gate meet him and JJ den we go old town eat lunch. better than those stupid malay food. so much oil so damn spicy. eat twice a day, need go to toilet bomb cake for few times. don know how those malay ppl can survive from their own food. den afternoon, i go JJ house copy wanted. and talk talk a while. den come back to my home and msn my frens a while den i go play ball until night. den onli tonight i watched wanted at home. so nice. aikss.. i wish to watch this movie at cinema de.. but unlucky i cant watch in cinema. so terpaksa go ppl house copy and watch at home. switch off the light and turn my speaker to the limit. damn loud. the gun sound bing bang bing bang. hahha.. eat my snack and drink my coke. have to revenge like this coz my wish to cinema watching wanted cant work. lol..
watch half, sud xiang hui sms me asking me about finding sponsor. aikss.. how come. 2morrow onli settle those thing. tonight i suppose to b relax and enjoy. sien sien sien. i still got EMG haven touch. smith chart don even know how to draw. next week exam EMG ady. this midterm break look like gonna b busy ady. jus now my dear kim sudd say EMG assignment come out also. giv damn beh song feeling to me. but i didnt blame u ah sexy leg. i blame tat sk WONG holiday upload-ing such thing. need get push by student i think. push those assignment to the hell and when midterm break over we pull the assignment back from hell again. hate exam. I HATE TO EXAM. this midterm break, i found out so many ppl lov going penang. yee kean going penang, jiawen going penang and my others fren going penang too. so ngam everyone going to penang. is it midterm break lifestyle should b going to penang??

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