Tuesday, August 26, 2008

recently student!!

don know y recently student.. act veli weird and have everything. dream come true.
some ppl ah.. buy two new shoes in the same time. kena toto i think. some even strange. afternoon go to dengkil from cyberjaya eat lunch alone. night go to sk from cyberjaya eat dinner alone. call nobody bcoz wanted to b alone mayb. same ppl, car plate got two alphabet one. he got car in cyberjaya nowadays!! everything is so smooth for him. some even geng. got NEW GAL FREN ady. huiyo.. got gf ady nowadays. tennis club punyai dai lou. without him they cannot start their game. being veli man nowadays student. some even go back hometown on weekdays. going back ipoh ha.. neh tat one who live in ipoh one ah.. going back ipoh on MONDAY.. not sat o sun.. is MONDAY!! come back cyberjaya again on wed. for interview-ing scholarship. WOW!! nowadys student struggle to get scholarship ha.. wat a good semangat!!! some ppl ha, live in banting one ha, come to skool from banting jus bccoz attend one hour class and skip the following class den drive car back to sk liau. this is top student in MMU!!! recently student r reli geng!!.. some ppl ha, computer power supply broke down, cannot do proposal.. aikss..MMU student not bad. all have their own style and own semangat. no wonder they say MMU got so many first class student. those student r the potential to get first class o four flag one. future hero, hero of malaysia. some ppl even put the msn address hero of yesterday ha.. ady confirm will b hero liau.

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