Friday, June 12, 2009

New sems.

New sems gonna begin. FOM students ady gone to training. Left some of us still doing studies at campus. This sems gonna to be damn hard. EMG is coming.EEN is coming somemore but i congraz myself has finish taking ECP. No need to deal with source code anymore and of coz my beloved engin math EEM. wahaha. i still considering, taking mini project o multimedia. My course mini project still got a lot slot. i want take mini project. but ady no partner. all have been choosen by others. i'm thinking should i straight register onli? risky? well, tat day Dell has send their proffesional engineer come to my house for changing my laptop motherboard and hardisk. Finally my laptop back to normal ady. while changing, the engineering also talk with me. Result is not reli important. Learning is the essential part of student. "Learning and bcoming a proffesional engineering." This sentence come deep to my mind. Well, he also say study is different with next time u come out working. Wat u work not equal to wat u study. This theory which everyone know also. So he says now as a student, watever u can or got chance to learn jus learn. Learning doesnt come to limit. Wow... i feel like i'm so damn poor now. Everytime i study jus for exam.. not for learning. when exam over, i will forget. Everytime exam also dint finish study. Watever chapter tat can b throw, jus throw. This is why i want to take mini project. To reli learn sth although i know next sems i got 6 sub. I must prepare after register mini P, gonna to stay inside lab most of the time including some lab for other sub. It gonna b tough..My frens, u all also taking mini P yeah... good luckkk.. Tan brother joining Gan family, Sii brother joining Hooi brother and bla bla bla.... Failure is a process to success, so all da best to u all for coming new sems..

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