Tuesday, June 30, 2009

long long night...

last night was a long night for me...
last night reli felt .... guilty??
but on the other way i think it was not my fault also...
but however i still felt sorry..
bcoz yesterday i elbow to one IS during playing basketball..
ppl around saw my elbow hit the IS head...
i don have the intension to hit him..
after i hit him.. i saw his blood on his face.. oh fuckk..
i dint realise i hit him until i saw blood on his face
but luckily not serius until need go hospital jahit..
i was so guilty tat time.. thinking am i suppose to do tat ..
thinking of y don i let it go jus now...
he comes to play ball too.. hiazz
From To
(S)TzeING 阿han700 ah han
阿han700 (S)TzeING oi
阿han700 (S)TzeING apa hal ?
(S)TzeING 阿han700 wat took u so long?
阿han700 (S)TzeING wow
(S)TzeING 阿han700 haha
阿han700 (S)TzeING wat make u think to question me ?
(S)TzeING 阿han700 pergi mana tadi?
阿han700 (S)TzeING napping
(S)TzeING 阿han700 icic
(S)TzeING 阿han700 so late nap... 2morrow no need work liau
阿han700 (S)TzeING wont la...
阿han700 (S)TzeING im responsible man
阿han700 (S)TzeING so...
阿han700 (S)TzeING anything u find me ?
(S)TzeING 阿han700 nth lar
(S)TzeING 阿han700 today i jus hit the IS..
(S)TzeING 阿han700 guilty
阿han700 (S)TzeING ooo
阿han700 (S)TzeING now still guilty ?
(S)TzeING 阿han700 okok ady lor
阿han700 (S)TzeING good lo...
阿han700 (S)TzeING slowly u will get used to it ...
阿han700 (S)TzeING when u hit more ppl
阿han700 (S)TzeING haha
(S)TzeING 阿han700 but is my fault ler
(S)TzeING 阿han700 diu lorrr
阿han700 (S)TzeING why said so ...
(S)TzeING 阿han700 don know
阿han700 (S)TzeING dun worry la
阿han700 (S)TzeING not ur fault
(S)TzeING 阿han700 i think is my fault
(S)TzeING 阿han700 y u say not my fault de ?
阿han700 (S)TzeING he would got foul some more actually
(S)TzeING 阿han700 but the elbow not foul meh?
阿han700 (S)TzeING no
(S)TzeING 阿han700 wtff
阿han700 (S)TzeING seropis
(S)TzeING 阿han700 seropis?
阿han700 (S)TzeING typo error la
阿han700 (S)TzeING serious
(S)TzeING 阿han700 okok
(S)TzeING 阿han700 explain to me 2morrow ba
阿han700 (S)TzeING explain about ...?
(S)TzeING 阿han700 don know.. i not over meh?
(S)TzeING 阿han700 play ball onli oh.. hurt someone head
阿han700 (S)TzeING aiya...
阿han700 (S)TzeING body contact...
阿han700 (S)TzeING sure happen unwanted thing lo
阿han700 (S)TzeING some more...
阿han700 (S)TzeING he sendiri padan muka la
阿han700 (S)TzeING he tot he is good in defend
阿han700 (S)TzeING u was gv a lesson to him
阿han700 (S)TzeING well done
S)TzeING 阿han700 yup... i know he quite dirty... but how also guilty ma... nvm lar..
(S)TzeING 阿han700 this is the first time
(S)TzeING 阿han700 pray wont happen again
阿han700 (S)TzeING aiya...
阿han700 (S)TzeING come on
(S)TzeING 阿han700 yeah
阿han700 (S)TzeING pray it happen everyday
阿han700 (S)TzeING then u will bcome the strongest
(S)TzeING 阿han700 like bruce bowen har?
阿han700 (S)TzeING u started bcome aggresive
(S)TzeING 阿han700 hahaha
阿han700 (S)TzeING good la
阿han700 (S)TzeING toni ja
(S)TzeING 阿han700 lol
阿han700 (S)TzeING ur nickname
(S)TzeING 阿han700 2morrow play ball again ba
阿han700 (S)TzeING tmr cannot la....
(S)TzeING 阿han700 lol
(S)TzeING 阿han700 wtf cannot?
阿han700 (S)TzeING i scared...
阿han700 (S)TzeING :(
(S)TzeING 阿han700 diu nei
阿han700 (S)TzeING i wan remain handsome face...
阿han700 (S)TzeING haha
(S)TzeING 阿han700 hahaha
this small little conversation build my confidence last night...
it is different when we compare experience with our theory...
i know body contact sometimes happen sth bad.. but when its happen in front of u..
Guilty is the word i feel... wtf!!!

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Yin Fung said...

Any sports also got risk 1 la. Continue playing la, must show Sportmanship. =)

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