Monday, March 2, 2009

wat a sad tag....

Here`s how it works.
1. write ten things about the person who tagged you.
2. write ten things about yourself.
3. find ten person u wanna tag.

1) she is a good fren for me
2)she will b one of our fren who going to prom^^
3)she play badminton on las sat
4)she did her assignment on las sat night while we went to midvalley
5)she is a tall gal
6)she is quite pretty as well
7)i know her during we were going to redang las year.
8)she have a nike puppy which is damn cute and i call it as my son.. ngek ngek.. blerk!!
9)she feel satisfied for wat she had now and happy life for her
10)she gonna to graduate soon."i want to graduate i want to graduate i want to graduate i want to graduate i want to graduate" In her msn pm b4... hope u will graduate smoothly. congratulation

1)she is a easy going person
2)she can b a good fren
3)she has a happy life now
4)she is going to yoga this sems
5)she wear puma shirt today to campus and to yoga
6)she give up her class for sleeping sometimes
7)she straighten her hair lately
8)she bought a new nokia phone
9)her new nokia phone fall down currently.
10)she is the gal i like to disturb always. Disturbing her is fun.. hehe
nice to know u ya..

1)he is gentlemen
2)he always talk crap with me
3)sometimes he and me got pillow talk
4)he currently close with pei se ( all da best ya)
5)he sleep early always
6)he teach me how to kick boxing
7)he likes to kacau yin always..
8)he is good in english
9)he dint eat pork
10)he played badminton quite well

1)i'm poor in studying.
2)i always cant do well in the thing i want to do
3)i quite thin and short. but not tat short
4)i'm poor in playing basketball
5)i'm lazy to study nowadays.
6)i don know wat the fuck i want currently. i'm being too funky called (sohai)
7)i cant reli concentrate on wat i'm doing currently
8)i was veli down currently.. bcoz i always fail to do it
9)currently, i wish to die..
10)i dint attend my cousin wedding bcoz i think tioman is wat i want. my decision not tat well for my about wat i want and my family. finally i'm still choosing wat i want. so currently i think myself is fucking useless. my family cant feel any secure on me with my decision i think.


julian said...

i love the #1 about me is so true, do damn true, so fucking true lol :D

jiawen said...

i like point#6 about me :P

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