Wednesday, February 25, 2009


today is thurs morning. i have been a long dint post any blog liau.. my pc was broke down.. cant online... go here go there .. finding ppl who know how to fix my problem.. finally my pc is ok now.. but don know y sometimes it is still veli unstable.. time past veli fast this sems.. now ady week 4. b4 this i had been to genting on las sems after final, go back hometown(sarawak) celebrate my cny together with my whole family member, watched the most touched movie i ever watched benjamin button, watched the horrible movie the punisher, do the appreciation dinner and invited the best president also, and also realize my frens are having a reli tough day. some veli stress, some even furious with eye of madness, sad, angry, some sick also .hiahz.. just can giv u all good luck and support u all.hope u guys can think openly. exam exam exam and more exam i hav to face.. i'm thinking i want to drop ecp bcoz i'm thinking i cant handle it. one week having so many hours classes. nightmare for me to study tat subject.. i'm still bcoming the leader of les assignment group.. everything always hav to start from me.. publicity of tioman.. is a tough sems i thinkk... everything is nt a big deal for me except the ecp .. just the ecp is a nightmare for me..
it comes together with so many sub.but i choose not to drop also finally bcoz of eric and jansen.. blar blar blar... until i beh tahan~.try to take this oppurtunity to been thru it.. just for one more sems... after this sems, i can no need to fuck u again ecp!!! speaking about tioman.. this morning i receive a call from my mom.she says ur cousin is gonna to wedding on 3-6-09. my mind thinking wat?? 3-6.. is tioman trip tat time.. wth.. i told her i go to tioman with my fren tat time. i been waiting since sungkai trip. now suddenly cousin wedding. i ask my mom whetther the wedding can change time o not.. she says i siau.. i think i reli hiahzz..wat can i do??? is kinda hard to make a decision when act i have an answer for myself but i cant decide according to my own answer coz is cousin wedding..

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Yin Fung said...

ya. every1 having a hard time. =)

dun worry so much. take one step at a time < this one u always say one, right?

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