Saturday, January 16, 2010

holiday over luuu.. 2morrow going bak cyber..
cont life over dere..
finish eating all the food i love at here..
dere is so much different life at here compare to cyber..
and ppl around me are so different between two places..
i ady so long dint bak my home ady..
mayb is seldom going bak hometown..
this time i came bak.. i feel like i bcome a guest.. :(
change a lot compare to the time when i was still in secondary..
now i try to get use life with parents around..
hometown frens around..
and 2morrow i hav to go bak to cyber ady..
so fast.. 3 weeks holiday over..
don wanna think so much also ..
get rdy.. b prepare for new semester..
left not much time for me to enjoy also..
one and the half of the year.. i'm gonna work..

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