Monday, January 4, 2010

2.55am now.. i still haven sleep d..
holiday mood now.. spend few days at cyber d..
basketball meant to be brotherhood..
left not much time for me to play it everyday..
this few days.. everyone went bak ..
i been to the mines meet my old fren..
tat day was a lucky day.. been treat a meal..
been treat a bus ticket by a stranger..
"the stranger" is reli kind d.. i said "thanks" many times to her d.. :)
been to midvalley also.. but sales over dy..
but still some small small sales d.. :)
5th-jan-2010 date of today..
so fast is 2010 ady.. is 10 ady.. no more 08 09 liau..
2008 and 2009 had passed... this two years were memories for me..
2008 i get punished to do better in my academic..
those days are quite suffering but thanks god..
today i still standing here cont it.. :)
2009 i regret for my dream had gone..
it jus gone suddenly at a day i was in my normal mood..
i'm veli veli regret.. i'm so sad..
hope this sadness can carry me to happiness..
those years r inside my memory.. i choose to remember it..
bring them along with me for the coming 2010..
i'm rdy for 2010.. there always no endings.. jus new beginnings..
wat will be the next for the coming years??
las few days i jus turn to 21 years old d.. it kinda fast ...
thanks for my frens for celebrating my birthday..
veli thanks for the jacket d.. :) dint expect it d actually..
special thanks for XH choosing it so accurately d geh..
so glad to hav u all around each others everytime...

the feeling of we all together was great..

preparing for 2morrow going bak sibu..
bak to where ever i came from..
although i do long time dint go bak.. seldom bak d..
still i will remember where i come from..
where is my background.. wat is my background..
go bak meet my parents.. eat the food i always ate during my life in sibu..
meet some frens .. summer break for them now also..
too bad local U student had ady go bak to study..
happy holiday ian-MMU.. enjoy the las 2 weeks of holidays..

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