Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

I like to eat.
Eating is a big part to my happiness. =D next to basketball, travel and my love ones.

Although they play pranks like pouring soy sauce into my Chinese tea(!!)/ smash my face with cake, I enjoy eating and chit chatting with my "EVIL" friends.

Nice food are meant to be searched, found and shared..

This is not a crap, this is an awesome CRAB!

Living in a multiracial country such as Malaysia, we are not confined to tasting dishes from our own background. Asian,Western, Japanese, Arabic, Malay, Chinese, Indian, Portuguese, ..... we can have it all.

Life is beautiful with tasty food all around.. just enjoy =)

The dual-function of a "bowl" - Food served in a toilet-bowl bowl while sitting on a toilet bowl. Do you know how it taste? Want to have a try? I like to experience new things.

You must be bluffing to say that you had tried most of the foods in Malaysia. Because I tried, and therefore I bet no one could say it's him or her. Food in Malaysia knows no boundary. As a result, my waistline boundary is also expanding. tee hee....

Well, I believe that most of us would like to have opportunities to taste the great foods of different kind..
It is lucky that i was born in a multi-races country like Malaysia...
I would have chances to try all those tasty Malay food.. Indian food.. Chinese food.. and also food from other nation..
And now Maxis bring us Maxis Om Nom Nom...
So it is a very great opportunity for me to be the part of this event...

This is the "food edition" of Amazing Race..
We have to race against the time to compete with the others for all those amazing food challenges in Kuala Lumpur..
Winners win GREAT prizes such as a trip to HK and smartphones.
Participants have a great great opportunity to taste amazing foods and gain special experience..
This is where the journey to eat the tasty food in Malaysia begin..
This is the time we get to taste other type of food...
This is One Day Trip at KL just for eating.. enjoying.. appreciate the tasty of the food in Malaysia!!

I would be love to be part of the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race with my other team mates Siew Fai, Yin Fung and Yee Kean.

Click the link below to know more about Maxis..

iPhone 4 for purpose of GPS and Finder301 for each team to help us find the station.. Even Wireless Broadband also provided for us to blog on the spot about the food..
It is all free and provided by Maxis! ...
So what are we waiting for???
We want to take part on event call Maxis om Nom Nom Race

M size T-shirt for my Maxis Nom Nom Race!..
We wish to take part for this event.. yeah yeah yeah~!

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