Friday, September 18, 2009

An unlucky night with happy celebrating..

tonight suppose to b a veli happy night..
we finish our mini p.. demo, presentation..
den celebrate jansen's 21st birthday..
take photo for time capture..
watch "the ugly truth" movie..
but during steambot..
our fren handbeg jus get taken away by the fucking indian guy..
we all run out chase.. but it's too late..
the indian jus went away by a motor waiting outside...
eric even brought the chair along while chasing...
i tried my best to chase.. but i dint c any indian guy while chasing...
when we realise our fren handbeg stolen.. it is too late for us to chase ady..
the indian stole the handbeg with 4 wallets, 2 hp, 1 psb inside..
quite a lot of cash inside also..
i deeply wish u two fucking indian gonna die by tonight!!!
suddenly bcome a sad night... :(
but still end up with celebrating jansen 21st birthday..
with his "underwear" present on his head..
haha.. hapi birthday jan jan~~ :)

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