Wednesday, September 10, 2008

malacca trip!!!

las las weekend on national day, we went back to malacca. we r having malacca trip!!
haha... y i so late onli update? haiyoo.. busy ler.. stress this few days.. countdown one month to final..i need to tell myself to fight for FINAL!!!.. ok let talk about malacca.. well, the trip is act a eating trip. our plan is after bhm straight go to malacca. suppose exam until 12, but we all come out on 11.30am. too high to go malacca liau..straight away chiong to malacca after exam. we eat the our lunch at malacca. snake sup, squarrol meat, duck, chicken, pork, vege... wei seh.. damn song.. 12 ppl we spend rm130++ onli.. damn cheap ler..den we sleep at pei se grandma house. thank you veli much pei se.. the house was empty. we jus walk upstage and downstage.. feel like it our own house.. hahaha...we spend our afternoon play poker. i giv away ten bucks.. haha.. so wat?? hapi ma.. everyone hapi den i also hapi lor. at night we go jonker. eat asam laksa and cendong. den watch movie at carefour. money not enough2. the next day i woke up was 11 sth ady. the next day was keep on eating and eating. yala.. got no eating time, when we was stuck in traffic jam bcoz national day. whole day was eating. i drink 7 bows of cendong. lol... eat chicken rice ball, satay celuk, nyonya food, char xiu fan, si ham, asam laksa again. damn.. whole day keep on eating. midnight go mamak again. everyone gain weight after the trip. tat night we still playing card together. haha.. this time i got good luck, got win a bit lor.. lol.. day three, we prepare to go back. we eat lunch and go eat the veli veli last one cendong den come back here to cyber. first thing is going to toilet first. three days many food inside my stomach.. is a eating trip. veli good.

the veli man de


yeekean and elic~~

waychow and JJ..

national day, 31, basket robbin 31% discount..

after this photo, we went back to cyber lor..

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